Saturday, August 1, 2009

gem show excursion

For the last two months I've worked on more custom/commissioned pieces than anything else. I did get to go to my favorite gem show and pick up some wonderful strands. This show is an invitation to the trade only - one day a year affair, and I was determined to attend, after missing it two years in a row.
The first part of my gem/bead buying preparation involves going through my current stash, er, I mean inventory, and determine what I need to replenish. My "assistants" always get sidetracked putting together fabulous earring and necklace combinations, for themselves of course. Then I start on my wish list, which gets whittled down to a workable balance of gems and colors I really want to work with.
On most buying excursions, I only get a step or two inside the door before I stuff my well thought out list into the depths of my purse and turn into a kid in a candy shop. This time I was calm, cool and collected. I got most of what I wanted, and found a few treasure strands of unusual gems. Time to create!

here's a warm-up doodle