Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Allegory Gallery Design Team piece

I've pondered these little pink-ish / green-ish glass flower beads ever since I ripped open the package of beads from Andrew of Allegory Gallery.  Andrew knew (because I told him) that glass beads and pink were the kind and color that tended to stump me the most.  And since this project is designed to be a challenge ... I guess I should've expected it.
Inspiration for this piece came in the form of a waft of fragrance from some of the wild flowers that pop up at will in my yard.  I was coming up the steps, totally distracted by not having a clue what to make for dinner, and this scent stopped me in my tracks.  And then a dragonfly passed by me.  Forget dinner - I have some jewelry to make!
For this month's project, I definitely wanted to incorporate a reclaimed element, so I picked this silver tone link bracelet from my stash of found treasures.  I like that the metal has little marks and is not as bright as sterling, giving it has a rustic feel that contrasts with the sparkly beads.  And I bought these tiny dragonflies many years ago.  The pink crystals and shimmery clear beads are also from my Allegory Gallery Design Team package.

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